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Everyday conversations and their impact

Aug 18, 2022 | Self care

Everyday conversations with others in our work places can fill quite a lot of our day and can either be mundane and gossipy or offer us an opportunity to share with and inspire others.

Recently on my birthday the team I work with and I were sitting together having a celebratory cuppa when the subject of my age came up. I was told that I did not look my age and I shared that I loved and appreciated my body shape so much more than when I was younger. My much younger male colleague was obviously amused by this and commented that he had never met anyone who loved and talked about their body as much as I loved and talked about mine! 

I don’t hold back from talking in an appreciative way about my body to my work colleagues and this has obviously not gone unnoticed. 

When people come together for a conversation we can share from different places as some people come from environments where no one talks about how they feel. When someone shares from a deeper place inside themselves, from a place of honesty, it is like a breath of fresh air for everyone and gives others permission to also express in that way.

Everyday conversations with our colleagues and friends are a way of confirming, sharing and expanding on the different ways we are living and can bring a deeper understanding and appreciation of the uniqueness we all bring.

Through loving and caring for my body, I have developed a relationship with it that is honouring of its purpose and how it is feeling in every moment. I choose to love and care for myself because I realise that when we do not appreciate ourselves in full we hold back from others and then opportunities to deepen our casual conversations may be lost.

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