The impact of our lived way on those we care for 

What happens when we take care of ourselves and allow ourselves to be cared for?

Observations of a health professional working in palliative care

A nurse’s sharing about appreciating and valuing the work we do whilst also exposing the damage of ‘should do better’.

The issue with tissues

How do we deal with tears as health professionals?

Patient services – more than just admin

The all embracing observations of a ward clerk

Is anyone’s job really more important or less important than anyone else’s? 

A midwife’s realisation of how she perceives the value of different job roles

Anything goes fritters

These fritters are full of vegetables and are super fun to make

Nurturing Care, Nurturing Nurses & Midwives have a deep love of our work and know the way that we all work with people is vital for the overall health and well-being of our communities. With all that is happening in our current times in healthcare, it is important to remember the enormous value in the true care of nursing and midwifery.

How often do we stop and appreciate those ’small’ moments that have such a significant impact on people’s lives; the slightest interaction that touches people deeply?’ 

The more respectful I am towards my body, taking care of and being honest about what truly supports and nurtures it, the more consistent and able I am to sustain my work life

We are not responsible for our patients’ health or choices in life. They have lived many years before we meet them in the hospital. Just knowing this brings understanding; supports us in not being affected by their choices and/or feeling like we have to be able to ‘fix’ everything. 

Working together in collaboration will create the inspiration for us all to see beyond the challenges in the health care system and work towards our full potential within this profession

Incorporating some gentle exercise into our daily lives is a great support to reduce the stress and strain on the body that is often an end result of a busy day

In honour of us all and the true nurturing care that we bring