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There are always topical issues circulating around our workplaces, sometimes specific to our particular work, sometimes bigger societal questions. In this section of the Nurturing Care Nurturing Nurses and Midwives website, we are going to put things on the table, pose questions for discussion and unpick some of the nitty gritty bits about life and the lessons on offer every day.

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What does self care mean to you?

What does self care mean to you?

A team of colleagues were talking about self care the other day, a topic that is much discussed at the moment, and the question ‘What does self care mean?’ was posed. It stopped us in our tracks because, like so many buzz words, we realised that there are many interpretations of self care. So, we put it on the table as the next hot topic for Nurturing Care Nurturing Nurses and Midwives. And this is what people had to say:

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The nurse, the midwife, the mother, the woman

The nurse, the midwife, the mother, the woman

When we realised that one week in May includes the ‘International day of the midwife’, ‘International day of the nurse’ and ‘Mother’s Day’, the NCNNM team decided to pose a question to colleagues about what this means to them. Under the working title of, ‘The nurse, the midwife, the mother, the woman’ this is what some colleagues shared.

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Anything goes fritters

These fritters are full of vegetables and are super fun to make

Delicacy at work in the health care profession

There is a quality of delicacy possible, which when experienced and felt in the body, is so exquisite and so impactful that it deserves consideration.

In celebration of women as the midwives we all are

In honour of women and the return to the true qualities we embody and are beautifully responsible for upholding for all

The magic and other stuff of night shifts

Exploring the challenges and joys of working night shifts


Oh my… so gorgeous, so moorish and super nutritious too… a winner all round.

Burn out in nursing and a nurse’s self care experiment

An exquisite sharing about the impact of taking responsibility for, and care of, ourselves

Observations of a midwife returning to practise

A frank and honest observation about what is going on in our health care services

Moroccan inspired lamb mince

A simple and enriching recipe that will nourish and warm you from the inside out

The toxicity of gossip 

Waking up to the toxicity of gossip and idle chat

The magic of midwifery

Embracing and appreciating the joy and privilege it is to work as a midwife