In honour of us all and the true nurturing care that we bring

Nurturing Care


Nurturing Care Nurturing Nurses & Midwives formed when a group of nurses and midwives came together from a variety of countries around the world and from many areas of practice. Like all nurses and midwives we have a deep love of our work and know the way that we work with people is vital for the overall health and well-being of our communities.

As nurses and midwives who work on the frontline, we see people in their rawness, at their most vulnerable and know this is a privilege and responsibility. With our escalating rates of disease and illness, a rise in multi-symptomatic conditions and our ageing population, it is important to remember the enormous value in the true care of nursing and midwifery.

Health care is an ever-evolving field, the adaptability and professionalism of nurses and midwives needs to be acknowledged and appreciated.

To complement the development of science and technology we must support ourselves and each other to continue the art of true care.  Holding all people at the heart of our care systems is foundational to restore health and well-being and is sorely needed by everybody in our current times.

With the increasing rates of exhaustion, stress and burnout amongst our peers, Nurturing Care Nurturing Nurses and Midwives:

Encourage the development of a deeply nurturing workforce; one that regards caring for ourselves and each other as integral to the care that we provide to our patients.

Know that as nurses and midwives we have the technical skills and knowledge to support our patients. As a vital complement to this, we offer the care and nurturing, innate in us, that is the transformative aspect of healing.

Support nurses and midwives to value that they offer everything a patient needs through the unique qualities, care and clinical expertise that each of us brings.

Nurturing Care Nurturing Nurses and Midwives has been built to whole-heartedly appreciate and confirm the immeasurable value of all 20 plus million nurses and midwives worldwide.

In honour of us all and the true nurturing care that we bring

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